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New RP : Cybernetic furries.
Tue Jun 07, 2005, 04:02 PM
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RE: New RP : Cybernetic furries.
May I suggest trying out an RP session in an IM, like in a Yahoo chatroom? First time could be a small \"hotdogger\" pretend hack session?

We can keep this thread as a reference point.

Big smile

<< Night-0 >>
< #fana RP\'s originality being threatened by Nocturne >

[ Proceed calmly. ]
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Tue Jun 07, 2005, 05:45 PM
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RE: New RP : Cybernetic furries. one\'s even looking at it,or so it seems.That\'s it,two of my ideas scrapped for the dustbin. *sigh*

~wuffers from Kai Whitewolf~
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Wed Jun 08, 2005, 11:48 PM
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RE: New RP : Cybernetic furries.
Kai, your ideas are very good and well thought out. Its just that RPing is not really something catching on here. Keep the idea and thread alive and we\'ll find some members who are really into RPing in a forums soon enough.
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Fri Nov 25, 2005, 11:11 PM (This post was last modified: Fri Nov 25, 2005 11:21 PM by nightPhaser.)
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RE: New RP : Cybernetic furries.
_Revival. Hope Kai doesn\'t mind certain details I added in.

_Some new concepts typed in bold.


Azul was not a nice man, but he wasn\'t beyond opening a door for a lady. His semi-webbed hand wrapped around a bar of the memorial park gates and pushed gently. His brother\'s widow nodded quietly, in thanks, as she walked out of the cemetery, into the evening and into life.

She glanced back at Azul, to the sight of a feline the shade of the sea, squinting around his scale-trimmed and ice-blue eyes under the sunlight, his fin-ears alert.

He had previously watched his brother descend into a hole, sealed in a polished casket. His brother never liked him, even before the Change, but then there he was, at his funeral, letting an envelope of unspoken prayers fall onto the top of the casket.


Name: Azul Consuelo Ariaga (\"Blue\")
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Species: Homo sapien felis (icthyo)
Height: 6\'3\"
Weight: 75kg
Strengths: Neural cybernetics, military computer affinity, special weapons/tactics training, swimming
Weakness: Sensitive to extreme heat and dryness, limited upgradeability of neural software
Computer Skills: Moderate
Characteristics: Quiet, strong-willed, unprofessional but well-principled, wears jackets, trying to quit smoking, carries a brass knuckle around
Location: Variable, most often on the American East Coast.


He was on a highway, East side with a city just over the horizon, cutting though a stretch of no-man\'s land. A silent landscape of dust and rock, contaminated by viral nanites from the Change. Few people can pass through these zones anymore without mutating. Even those already transformed into therianthropes, they would mutate into something more feral, lose their humanity to the corrupted air.

Azul had gone through his third hypospray dose of the nanoserum, protecting him from the more fast-adapting nanomachines for a few more hours. The vials and caps were delivered to him the week before, along with a government order to report to the capital, underlining a condition that he mustn\'t disclose the trip to any third parties. Immunity serum was expensive, he thought, and wondered what would justify spending taxpayers\' dollars this way.

He never liked recruitments, but there he was, driving towards an assignment only people like him can do. \'People,\' he thought, \'still sounds weird thinking me like that.\'

It got quiet, it always did at the apex of the contaminated zones. Azul pulled out a headset, and clipped it at the base of his fin-like ear. He tugged out and plugged in a minute jack into a port on the back of his neck, under the fur. He mind-dialled.

She\'s got an earthy voice, coupled with the smoothness of a Southerner\'s accent. It grounds him, soothes. They say hi, they ask questions. Then...

\"Blue... it\'s been hard, but don\'t shut me out.\"
\"I\'m not shutting you out.\"
\"Not seeing your Insignificant Other for three weeks is shutting her out.\"

He paused, glancing at something that flickered at the edge of the rearview mirror.

\"Look... I\'ll take the next plane there that I can get, alright?\"

She went quiet, for a bit.

\"Okay... I really miss you.\"
\"I\'m missing you too.\"

Something was heading his way, accelerating, gleaming in polished alloy. It silently disappeared upwards into the air

\"Don\'t worry, this is just a detour. I love...\"

A crash, thunderous, and the roof of the car dented above Azul\'s head.

A metallic tail pierced through the car window, and Azul dodged it in split seconds. The passenger-side window shattered as the tail stabbed through it next. He slammed the brake, and the heavy thing was thrown forward into the asphalt. Azul dropped out of the car and his eyes searched for the thing that landed on his car.


[ Proceed calmly. ]
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Sat Nov 26, 2005, 12:45 AM
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RE: New RP : Cybernetic furries.
_Change of tense, I forgot it\'s present-tense RP?

It stands many yards away, in the middle of the highway.

It is made of metal, like brushed chrome, built from many pieces that slide and move smoothly against each other, possibly with magnetic actuators. It has three thin arms of metallic bone, with three curved talons each. Its head is a wolf\'s made of many small knives. It has a single ruby set into its head, the only thing it has resembling an eye. It stands uneasily on a serpent\'s tail made of joined butterflies with razorblade wings.

The tail swishes over the road, sparking. It curves up and behind the creature, off the asphalt, attaching into the base, into a circle. The creature starts moving as the ring rolls over the ground, propelling it forward. It tilts left and right as it moves, picking up speed... charging towards Azul.

\"What the f...\"

Azul rolls over the road, onto his side, as a chakra-wheel speeds past, slicing off a part of his jacket.

He sits up, goes into a crouch. He glares at the monster as it cuts a circle into the road and turns around for another charge. He focuses himself, sees the crature for what it was, a machine. A hunter drone, basic assassin model... banned in many countries. He fixes his gaze on a segment of it, making assumptions based on what he knew of older designs.

The hunter drone moves past him, and a clawed arm shaved fur off the top of an ear as he ducked. In quick motion, he grabs upon a bluntly-shaped part of the machine, where the body joined the tail, clutching his body against a flat part of the hunter-drone\'s torso.

Azul struggles to hang on to the creature. He has limited places to grab hold, as the thing clawed against his back, managing only to cut him with their tips.

He opens his maw and bites into a soft panel tucked between two blade-edged plates, tearing out a hole into it and revealing mag-insulated circuits.

\"Good enough.\"

He grabs at a bundle of cable, and the hunter drone\'s sharp features sliced minor cuts into his handpaw. At once, he clenches his teeth on a bit-piece on his wristwatch, pulling out a line of cable-filament. Timing it against the hunter drone\'s movements, he spits out the jack, where it caught the bundle of cables and looped around it. His neckfur bristles, as circuit electrons danced under his Will and he talked in the language of computers.


The hunter-drone gains speed, careening along the highway. Azul\'s grip is loosening, he knows he can\'t finish the trace in time.


Azul pulls the line off the cables and reels them back. He curls himself, setting his feet on the creature\'s side, bending his knees. He pushes himself off the hunter drone, taking to the air, one metal talon swiping a flesh wound against the side of his arm.

He slams onto the road and rolled to a stop, as the drone speeds on. Its razor wheel starts skidding, and it falls onto its side, with many parts breaking off from it. Soon the momentum gives out, its three arms limp and the chakra-chain-wheel coming to a stop with a dull whine.

Panting, Azul grabs at his strained and wounded arm. He leans against the sidebar, looking at the remains of the hunter drone. He swallows. He walks up to the mangled machine, and with a usable arm, picked at the opening he tore out in the battle. He pulls out a loose, small circuit panel, and slips it into his jacket pocket

He walks back to the mangled car, now a few kilometers from him. When he arrives, he says:


He searches inside the car and trunk. The hyposprays were tossed around during the tustle, and a few broke apart, but there was enough intact left to hold him up for a while, out in the diseased wastelands and a stretch of empty highway.

Azul tugs a line from his watch, into the side of his neck

\"Ran into a problem. I need pick-up. I\'m on the 552 off the East route.\"

He glances over to the city on the horizon.

\"An hour? alright.\"

He glances at the circuit panel in his pocket, and notices the design.


[ Proceed calmly. ]
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Sat Nov 26, 2005, 11:07 PM
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RE: New RP : Cybernetic furries.
I suppose this is revived..?

~wuffers from Kai Whitewolf~
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Mon Nov 28, 2005, 07:47 AM
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RE: New RP : Cybernetic furries.
nightPhaserSpiral, like your story very much. Makes me wanna read over and over again. But only if the metal-version hunter drone was replaced by a real-like hunter drone. Then, I would be satisfied.

The Day that I was born that I became a Raptor
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Mon Nov 28, 2005, 11:26 AM (This post was last modified: Mon Nov 28, 2005 11:30 AM by nightPhaser.)
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RE: RE: New RP : Cybernetic furries.
tfdragon Wrote:nightPhaserSpiral, like your story very much. Makes me wanna read over and over again. But only if the metal-version hunter drone was replaced by a real-like hunter drone. Then, I would be satisfied.

An organic-type drone would\'ve been severely affected by the nano-machines in the contaminated Zones. In normal humans, the tissues reform into animal versions, but for a biological drone that would turn it into piles of meat instead. It\'s also one of the mechanical Assassins that Sophia sent out in this part of the RP as quick-hitting agents; she can\'t control organic systems. She\'s showing the governments that she knows what they\'re doing.

Wahey, do join in, intro your character like the some of us did, and do some RP/story going to the secret meeting.

...and just call me Night. Almost everybody else does. Winking

[ Proceed calmly. ]
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Mon Nov 28, 2005, 09:40 PM (This post was last modified: Mon Nov 28, 2005 09:43 PM by Kai Whitewolf.)
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RE: New RP : Cybernetic furries.
Ice is a female fox,specifically an arctic fox,and it sure matches her attitude to everything.At times she can be quite an uncaring person,while most of the others,she\'s more on the slinky side,though she gets serious once its time to get serious.Having a job in the anti-terrorism and hostile matter department in the police hasn\'t made her reputation any better.In fact,it had made it worst.Being an ex-convict,as well as hooker by the alias of Snow White in the past has made that happen,much so that almost everyone hates her in the polics station,and that she\'s on the verge of losing her job.Much of her hasn\'t changed during the ,but it has made her to be more confident of her jobs.Can be very sensitive at certain topics,and a really bad habit of having long nights.


Name: Iciliana Dranaloth (Alias name : Ice)
Gender: female
Age: 25
Species: Arctic fox
Height: 5\'2\"
Weight: ???(has never revealed her weight)
Strengths: Computer hacking, Aerobics, intimidation and seduction, Weaponry(combat knife), ambidexterous ability, sniper rifle and pistol proficiency,martial arts.
Weakness: High pitched sounds, faster and higher skilled opponents, especially charming men, lack of full body armor.
Computer Skills: high
Characteristics: Often rather relaxed,but at times really serious,can be quite a hot-tempered person,but more often than not is able to keep her cool,UNless...
Location: America,New York


Somewhere else far from the mayhem,a female fox in total white fur makes her way to her office,yawning a little while trying rather lousily to neaten her severely messed up silver hair.Dressed rather coyly in a dark coloured cheong sam(a chinese dress),along with a black pair of skin tight leggings and high heel boots,she sits down on her chair in front of her desktop,and yawns once again.

\"Gosh...i must really...urf...learn not to take...long*yawwn*...much to do OT..\"

Reaching a paw out,she turns her computer on,and suddenly,her ears perk up at reading a newspaper article.

\"...tsk...Another one of these break-ins..and they\'re asking me to do it?...\"

In a small bit of obvious frustration,she kicks away from her table while curling up in her seat,rolling off the back of it and taking a black coloured trench coat from the hanger in her office,growling under her breath as she closes the door quietly behind her,making her way to the office quite deeply situated in the Police Station.

Opening the door rather quickly and padding in softly,yet quickly,she situates herself in a chair,and says out, \"Captain..what is the meaning of posting me to ridiculous jobs that are time and again,nearly or almost the same?\"

A tall dark wolf dressed in total blue looked up,and simply gave a grunt, \"Look,Ice..i know you..errmm...are frustrated at that,but!\" he gave that quick response as he noted Ice giving him that \"its the same thing again?!?\" look. \"But,you know your ranking in the AT(Anti-terrorism) department...i can\'t give you proper jobs unless you work at...\"

\"I\'m telling you dammit,i\'m good enough for the job.You wouldn\'t have hired me if i wasn\'t that good a hacker.And i have an easier time infiltrating hideouts,even more so than those fat ladies who you\'d think are pretty.I sure as hell don\'t think they are..\"

\"THAT\'S enough,Sergeant Ice!Time and again,you\'ve proven that you have a lousier temper,and an even lousier skill at proving me wrong that you have the thing in you.If you\'ll excuse yourself,i\'ll consider even letting you st-..\"

At this point of time,Ice took out her police badge and pistol,tossing them at the captain\'s chest at a gruff manner,growling as she interrupted him, \"Our date\'s off,captain.Much as you look like a super porn star,i still suck.Big time.I\'m outta here,and i ain\'t coming back in here.Have fun,loser.\"

A few minutes later,in a bar nearby the police station...

\"*glug*...*glug*...damn cop...i hate cops..think they..*hic*...know every damn thing on this planet.. *glug*..Barkeep!One more shot!\"

Ice shouted at the bartender,who\'s reeling at that shout,before he shoots off to make her another cocktail.


(Hope i can join in using this character,Nikki..btw,Ice isn\'t a bad person..more of just out of luck.)

~wuffers from Kai Whitewolf~
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Mon Dec 19, 2005, 01:45 PM
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RE: New RP : Cybernetic furries.
lol? may i ask wats this all bout?

^^ explanation pls~

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