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Old nostalgic cartoons (not necessarily anthro)
Sat Jul 23, 2011, 12:14 AM
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Old nostalgic cartoons (not necessarily anthro)
this thread is for any cartoons that is worth mentioning and well suddenly hits you at work or school or any other time.

Hi there all! Vee here and i am introducing this thread for old cartoons!
anthro/non anthros are both fine by me.

if you suddenly had an old cartoon that pops back into your head from your childhood, or have seen any recent cartoons worth mentioning, pop by right here and type it out! Long serious reviews, short post-ups or just "have you seen this?" posts are welcomed.

please first post the title of the show, around when did you saw it, and why it's significant to you (or just why you remember it). also if you want, post up a top 5/10/11/20 list of your fav cartoons! Be creative if you want, and compare old cartoons with their newer remake (first thing comes to my mind is thundercats that should be coming up, but i'm not all that hyped up)

note that this is just for fun. and that i saw the thread entitled "Nostalgia TV" but i wanted a thread on it's own for mainly 2 reasons

1st is that i'd prefer cartoons rather than just old nostalgia shows. cartoons as in hand drawn or animated, but not live action. but i'm not fussy, so i'll allow any children's show even if it had live action in it.

2nd reason is that the first post on "Nostalgia TV" indicates that it's for cartoons that brought you to the fandom, not cartoons in general. and for me, i'm affected by the cartoons that are anthro and non anthro.

(this thread may be moved to another location, but if possible, keep this thread alive with all your contributions) :3

i'll get the ball rolling soon. once i finish my latest re-discovery: Cybersix

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so why isn't my name "Fee" but "Vee"?

must be cause i can't think of words that start with V
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Tue Jul 26, 2011, 02:37 PM
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quick personal rating:

visuals and audios: 8/10 really smooth animation and fight scenes is simple, the background music is pretty cool. theme song sounds pretty epic! but not catchy enough to remember for kids.

action: 6/10 as mentioned earlier, fight scenes are sometimes very simple. but other times jumping across buildings and walls sometimes is pretty cool

characters: (varies) cybersix looks pretty hot (at least i think so). even her male form appears attractive-ish. she is blend in my opinion though, or just doesn't show much what he/she is thinking beyond capping hands to face.

Jose (pronounced hose) is the main villain despite it supposingly to be Dr. Von Reichter. but since he appears barely and does nothing really significant, i think for the animated series, it should be jose. Jose is.... loud and obnoxious. annoying sometimes. no personality what so ever beyond whiny little kid. but despite all this, i actually remember him long ago as part of my memory.

story: 5/10 (maybe less)

very low rating despite what it could've been. simply because it doesn't really follow any story. based on the argentine comic it's based off, i expected more. but instead i got no story. they could've developed the story more. and many many things go unexplained.

things that go unexplained:
1) who is cybersix (explained briefly at the end, but not 100%)
2) what is sustenance (never explained)
3) why she needed it (all we know is that she needs it) (also the fact that she never drank any for all the episodes except the 1st, must be off-screen but that also has a problem)
4) how long she can last without sustenance (1st episode shows how, but after that she is never seen getting anymore since almost no one she kicks seem to die anymore)
5) data-7 is a black panther.... why the doc want a black panther?

and more, but these are the main things bothering.

now from what i heard, all these are explained in the comic book, so those who never read it will be lost at some point (like me initially).
and the comic book is not in english so too bad.

Overall: 6.5-7.0 /10
this is one of those shows that you need to research before you can really appreciate it other than just eye-candy. it would be nice if they had more than just 13 episodes. i think that it ended very abruptly. very. the only real reason i re-watched it is cause when i was young, i don't know what it was about, i was confused about cybersix's gender (and that he/she was adrian... how did he/she disguise the boobs seeing that it's quite obvious when she's in leather.), and that theme song that sounded really good. overall, i say if you have the time, and are really bored (like me), go check it out. it's all online on youtube since there's no DVD release.

Fursuiter, fox, friendly, freaky,

so why isn't my name "Fee" but "Vee"?

must be cause i can't think of words that start with V
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Mon Aug 15, 2011, 08:57 PM
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RE: Old nostalgic cartoons (not necessarily anthro)
My favorite cartoons I watched while growing up, roughly chronologically:

* Boes -- does anyone remember this? It's probably the earliest cartoon I remember, when I was 5 years old or so ~1987

* Scooby-Doo -- everyday after school on the SBC English channel ~1989
* Garfield and Friends (ALL of the seasons except the last two) -- this show was so popular, I could see it anywhere my family moved to... Singapore, the US, Hong Kong... ~1988-1996
* TMNT -- yeah, turtles. I even had the action figures ~1990
* Police Academy -- seriously, does anyone remember this? I loved this toon (better than the movies) ~1990

* The Real Ghostbusters -- Saturday mornings, through a fuzzy TV reception from New Haven, Connecticut ~1992

* Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers
* Duck Tales -- classic
* Darkwing Duck
* Goof Troop -- I'd watch this on Friday afternoons right after piano lessons ~1993
* Tiny Toon Adventures -- came on right after Goof Troop. Or before. I can't remember ~1993
* Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog -- the original season, not the SatAM one. I didn't like the SatAM one for some reason ~1994
* Inspector Gadget
* Mighty Max -- I was starting to grow out of cartoons at this time (middle school), but this series was still cool ~1995
* Adventures of Tintin -- I'm a big fan of the books ~1995

And non-cartoons:
* Bill Nye the Science Guy -- I think I liked it only for the sound effects ~1995
* Beakman -- this went on after Bill Nye ended ~1996

... and I still have most of these on VHS tapes stashed somewhere in a box in my parents' apartment...
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