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Anthrocon 2010
Tue Jul 06, 2010, 08:33 AM
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Anthrocon 2010
Whew, finally I have decided to come down to this. A full writeup will probably fill out a few dozen pages so I shall stick with the highlights for the trip and I unfortunately have to cut out a lot of the personal encounters as it will make it too long. To all those I met, please forgive me about this! ^_^

Firstly, I had some bad luck on the inbound flight to the con. My tickets couldn’t be recognized automatically by the kiosk, and I’ve gotten flagged twice for a random inspection and the baggage system at Minneapolis/St. Paul broke down briefly, leaving me wondering if my luggage will get to Pittsburgh. Fortunately though, they didn't mind about the bandung (it was a universal hit among everybody I gave it to, despite the big question of "What's actually in IT?") and I reached the Westin on Tuesday night with everything intact. This was my first time flying Delta, and my first chance at an exit row seat for the Pacific flight (oh the relief!). I crashed like a rock but woke up way too early on Wednesday.

Wednesday was spent mostly mulling around and exploring Pittsburgh’s Strip District and North Shore Park. Once I bumped into Zilla at about noon, I helped him get acquainted to his first con (and as AV staff too! Wow!) Some of my knowledge was obsolete, but I hope it was enough to get him started. I finally managed to collect the rest of my fursuit at night and set upon reassembling it. There was only very minor tweaks needed and the Beastcub’s new dragon wings are definitely much more compact and suitable for air travel than the older sets.

My roomie, Jehauri’s train, was delayed on Thursday early morning and I decided to grab my first fursuiting experience at the con. Oh boy, it was just crazy to be wandering around the con in fursuit for the first time, and I was a little overwhelmed by it all. I managed to get up onto the roof of the DLCC and get some great footage with another awesome macro fursuit Rogue. I’m still looking to see video and pictures of it soon!

Unfortunately though, it turns out I missed by roomie’s emails and calls for me during my fursuit experience, and his Sprint mobile wasn’t able to dial or send messages to an international number! I finally met up in the afternoon, got together, apologized purposely before settling in while my fursuit was drying. Also finally met up with Polar Joe again, another fur flew in from Singapore. He’ll be staying in Pittsburgh for his studies and was supposed to be here on Wednesday night, but his connecting flight was delayed due to a tornado scare in Detroit. Thursday was very short for me was I was totally out of it by the evening and crashed all way to Friday, as did my roomie who had probably spent close to an equal amount of time on the train and a taxi!

Friday got started early for me, and after breakfast it was off to Opening Ceremonies, where it was announced that somebody was fooling around on the roof of the DLCC and it is now permanently closed off for the rest of the convention. Ugh. All we know is the first letter of his badge, which is H, hence Mr. H. I guess I was lucky I took my footage the day before. They also announced it was the last year for the Dorsai tags and the fursuit tags were ready for collection at Con Ops. I dropped by to attend the First Time Fursuiter panel for some general advice and then to the Dealers Room to meet up with Joe. I forgotten how packed the place gets on Friday with everybody rushing to their favorite artists. After that though, I went back to my room to suit up with Joe as my spotter.
I basically lumbered around all the way to the DLCC, had more photos taken and picked up the fursuit tag! If I was a little early, I would have gotten the same tag as my badge number but I guess it is close enough. I also managed to get my first Dorsai migration tag at the same kiosk from the kind Dorsai security lady. Aww, thank you so much! After wandering around the Dealers Room and Artist Alley a bit, (Polar Joe insisted I go to the Bad Dragon booth, I was embarrassed about it but…) I went to change out and back into normal clothes so I can finally get some shopping and art done for the day!

Tried to catch a room party on Friday night but it was extremely packed and I really dislike warm tightly packed rooms despite the social factor. I stayed in the corridor and chatted while Joe handed out his Bakkwa loot! It was “Beef Jerky done right” according to the general consensus! Smile Left the party to 2’s Rant in the evening and then I skipped the dances to socialize a bit and then it was an early night again to prepare for Saturday fursuit parade!

Saturday morning had me another fursuit panel, on airline travel with fursuits. It was a good recap of information, and some useful tips. Some of it doesn’t really apply due to my international traveler status, but still I was glad I attended. It was off to the dealers den afterward to pick up my sketch books and more stuff, then back to the hotel room to change up. Jehauri and Polar Joe were both ready and around this time round, and I went into the Ballroom with Jehauri in tow as a spotter. There was one major point around the escalator which I may have trouble (my tail is too long!) and I decided to have him around just in case of an emergency. Joe took up position somewhere along the bridge overlooking Halls A/B for photographs and we got going!

The parade was relatively short in my opinion. With the balcony closed, it was in my opinion a straight forward walk in twos across the convention center, down the escalators (I made it safely thank goodness!), cutting a large circle around the Dealer’s Den tables and then out into Hall C. The Hall C part was really confusing and I kind of wandered away from my partner (a partial robotic raptor. RoboRaptor? XD) to a new spot in the lineup, but it all went well in the end. You should be able to spot a rather distinctive black dragon in the final parade photoshoot I hope. Winking

I expected the headless lounges to be fully packed by then, so it was back to my hotel room to change out and dry my suit. I exhausted my supply of Febreeze, and was mulling whether to suit up again when my right ankle sprain on my way to the fursuit Masquerade sealed it. Fortunately, it was only minor and rapid RICE therapy brought it under control. I was limping a little but still mobile. After resting, it was straight back to the Ballroom for Uncle Kage Story Hour, a performance I would not miss! It was extremely entertaining, and his story about his customs trouble in Germany just reminded me of own minor woes earlier. Still, Polar Joe and myself managed to catch up with him later that evening and passed him a little gift that I had picked up from him, a Tsukimaru Daiginjo that was highly recommended by the Sake Inn shop back in Singapore for flavor. It was the last bottle that they had too, and Uncle Kage promised to open it during the Charity show as he already had wine for the night.

Sunday went by quickly, I went to the Dealer’s Room and Artist Alley first thing in the morning to finish off the rest of my art commissions. Most of them were unfortunately delayed to the after the con and as digital commissions, but I picked up two great macro ink artworks that day! After a bit more socializing and wandering around, it was finally time for the Charity Show and it was a cool improv act! It is sad that 2 was a little ill by then and had to retire early, and Uncle Kage had to finish the entire bottle of sake by himself… I think it was a little too good and too much for him, and he was rambling about the “Japanese mineral water from Hokkaido” during the Closing Ceremonies! I was a little embarrassed about it again, but despite his tipsy state, he managed to close the con very successfully. And I wound up doing a a little funny mini-skit with him way after the end of closing ceremonies in the Ballroom! I hope that doesn’t go up on video or something. @_@

It was a rush to Buca di Beppo in Pittsburgh. I was a little lost, but with Polar Joe’s iPhone (darn you for having data plans) and my very faded memory, we managed to get there… in time for dessert only! Still, there was a nice short talk before we all headed back to the Zoo. I didn’t do much on Sunday night with the full weight of the con ending looming on me, but I managed to grab a lot of photos of the dead dog party, including an inflatable wolf and a fursuit pile at the Westin, before I finally sent Jehauri off on his train trip home.

Monday rolled around and my new roomie, aphinity/ioco dropped in the morning after breakfast. The con was mostly over by then, and I tried to find the Footlocker store in hopes of getting Mitofox’s jacket but failed miserably, and I missed a large portion, but not all, of ioco’s awesome act of suiting up and cheering all the folks on their way home. It was so heartwarming! Eventually though, I tossed my rest of my stuff back into my Singapore shipping box and visited the USPS office to send it back. It wasn’t as expensive as sending it to the US, and it was a lot faster. It was my first time with USPS postal regulations though, and I had to cover up every other label on the box including the “Do Not Ship These Dangerous Goods” label and signs! Still, the express mail service was superb and it arrived on Saturday morning, just 5 days later.

Whatever remnants of the furry population in the lobby were wiped out by late afternoon and the whole hotel and city reverted to its quiet business origins. It was really sad really, and I spent the rest of the night chatting with aphinity in the hotel room, discussing old things and about other furry cons. I must admit, he has perked my interest in RainFurrest, and I might want to think about visiting a west coast convention someday. For dinner, we took a long walk up the Strip District to visit Primanti Brothers, a diner which I had not visited before and had my first fish in about a week. Oh, the Colossal Fish Sandwich IS colossal and tasty by the way! I would want to stop by there next time!

Once again, I faded early to bed as I had an early morning flight and I packed up my remaining stuff. The SuperShuttle was early and called to the room (despite me leaving my mobile number with them) and kind of roused aphinity out of his sleep and confusing him about his shuttle ride which was much later in the day. I left for the airport and was sitting around spending the last of my American dollars on some great chocolate before my flight home began.

The flight back home was superb. I visited JFK for the first time, saw the Atlantic ocean for the first time in my life (I hope I’ll be able to see the eastern end of the Atlantic ocean someday). The airport was not what I had expected, but it was serviceable. The New York to Narita airport was a few hours early, a great relief given the duration fo the flight, and the Narita to Singapore jet was half an hour early. It was peaceful too, no random inspection this time. I really should get some Japanese Yen with me next time though to spend at Narita! I was also tempted to buy a Tanuki shaped bottle of Shochu for giggles (I don’t drink unfortunately) but I decided not to in the end. Maybe next time if is still there.

All in all, it was a very fun experience and I get to see a different side of the con in my fursuit as well as another part of Pittsburgh which I had not visited previously. I would like to go back again, and indeed Polar Joe is threatening bad things if I don’t, but I’ll have to see how plans go at the start of 2011. It’s nice making new friends and seeing old ones, and I try my best to be even more active next con!
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Tue Jul 06, 2010, 11:04 AM
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RE: Anthrocon 2010
Woow! Great info, must be one of the best memorable times ever Big smile

Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe of life!
When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place.
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Tue Jul 06, 2010, 08:41 PM (This post was last modified: Tue Jul 06, 2010 08:46 PM by J.M. Tigerbomb.)
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RE: Anthrocon 2010
Parade group photo: (warning: full-sized photo is 8.8MB)

I see you. You and one of beastcub's other creation, dogbomb, are standing at equal distance apart on the same row! Doesn't look quite the same row cause he's at 6' 1".

You hope the mini skit wouldn't be on video, but I'd expect BBF to capture it on video. (The one as Snirf standing at the bottom right of the group photo).

Stuff on Vimeo
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Wed Jul 07, 2010, 04:20 AM (This post was last modified: Wed Jul 07, 2010 04:21 AM by DarkLurker.)
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RE: Anthrocon 2010
(Tue Jul 06, 2010 07:23 PM)sMyle Wrote:  Bakkwa? Beef Jerky? Wrong meat!

They were comparing it as in the packing style. We did tell them it was pork. Tongue
(Tue Jul 06, 2010 08:41 PM)Tigerbomb Wrote:  You hope the mini skit wouldn't be on video, but I'd expect BBF to capture it on video. (The one as Snirf standing at the bottom right of the group photo).

His camera was sticking at our faces when I did that, so I kind of fumbled. I'm not into media attention when out of suit. Tongue

Saw Snirf too on the way into Hall C. He was standing at the entrance filming all the fursuiters going in and was one of the lead members of the parade just behind Yappyfox if i'm not mistaken.
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Wed Jul 07, 2010, 12:46 PM
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RE: Anthrocon 2010
Words can't describe how awesome I thought your trip was. Cool Thanks for sharing.
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Wed Jul 07, 2010, 07:59 PM
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RE: Anthrocon 2010
Thanks for sharing. Must've been epic. Smile

Find me and my small amount of lousy, somewhat-TF-related stories at! Alternatively, just look for the other, better writers there.


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Thu Jul 08, 2010, 04:41 PM
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RE: Anthrocon 2010
Does anyone see the Spy in there? That dude is awesome Tongue

I saw the picture in a TF2 News Cache, and while I was looking for the Spy, I spotted DL Tongue

Classified Data: Personnel Records
Valcien, Xynder
Division: 24th Special Infantry
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Species: Northern Sergal
Eye colour: Green (Left) Red (Right)
Fur colour: Black / White
Species: Arctic Wolf-Nightfire Dragon hybrid (An Arctic Night Drolf, if you will)
Eye colour: Red (Left) Green (Right)
Fur colour: White / Black

Weapons of choice: High-caliber pistols, Heavy Rifles, Shotguns

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Fri Jul 09, 2010, 02:01 PM
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RE: Anthrocon 2010
(Thu Jul 08, 2010 04:41 PM)Xynder Valcien Wrote:  Does anyone see the Spy in there? That dude is awesome Tongue

I saw the picture in a TF2 News Cache, and while I was looking for the Spy, I spotted DL Tongue

Quite a number of TF2 costumes this year. Spotted a number of scouts, an engineer and I think a medic too.
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Sun Jul 11, 2010, 10:29 PM
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RE: Anthrocon 2010
i also spots some like ~V~ as for Vega guys the best fur dancer Fluex the kangatoo *SQUEAK* i dunno i hav meet the lemur call frost or media ,Skroy ,mangoosu,the lombax form made fur you alot of it and kodimade too XD i hope i can go there too too bad i save up not yet to 3K+ for my partial suite i would totally love to join the AC dance compertition !!!XD

my Fur Affinity -
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Wed Jul 14, 2010, 07:37 PM
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RE: Anthrocon 2010
Too bad you're not in KL. I am joining a hip-hop class in the near future. The dance studio needs more students for hip-hop, but also has other dance classes if you're interested...anyway back to the thread!

There's 4 more DL pictures.

Stuff on Vimeo
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