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How far down the rabbit hole?
Thu Mar 11, 2010, 01:24 AM (This post was last modified: Thu Mar 11, 2010 01:26 AM by Canis Enigmas.)
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How far down the rabbit hole?
I'll skip past the general criticism of the film's lackluster "Wonderland" depiction as well as generic storytelling to highlight the only few things that a furry would like in this film:
If not for the talking animals in Wonderland, there is only one reason you fuzzballs should watch it :[Image: Cheshire_Cat_Tim_Burton.jpg]
Don't be mistaken. Although all the images depict Cheshire as Tim-Burton-ishly-terrifying, its still a very Tim-Burton-ish-lovable character. Stephen Fry with his famed smooth Broadway-honed British English gives the iconic character the depth, sophistication and suaveness expected of a master trickster of Wonderland. Think they would make a plush version of him ?!?

He's a far cry from Disney's original mischievous sometimes-teeth-grindingly-annoying feline joker [Image: DisneyCheshireCat.jpg]

Too bad that the entire movie doesn't entirely keep up with the maturity of this character. Although there were many parts that did follow this theme, there were few parts that left most of the film giving a confusion if the film was still meant for a new generation of kids, or for the grown ups who grew up with the original animated version.

And interestingly, there was surprisingly much more gore and violence for a Disney film. There is blood in the film too (albeit a few drops)
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